Who We Are

Karen Morrill-McClure makes up Cornerstone Coding. She graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a Master’s degree in General Engineering. She then worked in aerospace, on the space shuttle program, for 5 years.

She’s been making websites since 1993. She knows the vagaries of running a small business and haswatched the internet and computers grow and change in that time. There’s always something new to learn and pass on to her clients.

Karen Morrill-McClure

“I have always enjoyed programming and come to web design from the coding side. I also taught web design to graphic artists for two years, so I’m familiar with the graphic side as well. With a strong background in the humanities as well as science, I consider myself a translator from geek-speak to normal-speak to help my clients understand what they are investing their money in.”

Karen currently teaches at Art Institute of California at Los Angeles, and Westwood College.

Karen also wrote  articles for the blog Notes on Design, you can see her posts here:

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She wrote a few articles for the online magazine, Digital Web. You can take a look at her articles on her author page.