Off Road Adventures Magazine Web Site

Off-Road Adventures is a monthly magazine about off-roading, with a tread-lightly slant. The web site went up at the first of each month and included the entire contents of the magazine, all articles and all images. I received the quark file that was sent to the printer along with all the printer ready graphics and poured the text and images into the web pages templates I created for the different kind of articles.

Back articles were accessible in two ways: by issue and by topic so that users could browse by topic, moving from article to article that interested them. The articles also included links in the text to related pages on the site (the magazine’s parent company).

The article templates gave consistency across the different issues. The templates were designed for readability on a computer screen.

Graphic design by Cornerstone Coding.

Visit the site at, I created the Sept 2004 through Nov 2005 issues.