New Polar Bear Book!

If you don’t know what that title means then you are in for a treat. A new edition of the ‘Polar Bear Book’ or Information Architecture For The Web And Beyond is out this month.

Why does this matter? you ask. It’s basically the bible for Information Architects and the previous edition was published way back in 2006. In Internet time that’s ages ago. The information was still good in that old edition but it’s hard to teach from an edition that old. The examples alone would have had my students rolling their eyes.

So I’m delighted that the 4th edition is out and it’s wonderful. If you are studying information architecture or are interested in how websites are organized and designed this is a great book.

It covers things like what information architecture is, how to design websites, how to create navigation, how to create labels, how to do search right and much more.

Just go buy it already.

Available on and and probably lots of other places.