Washington Sea Grant


I worked with Washington Sea Grant‘s Communications department on a major redesign of their web site. I came in after the initial audience definition and started with a site structure map and organization of the information.

The existing site had a lot of information on it, but it was almost impossible to find any of it. The information was organized to match their internal organization so I helped them organize the information for their users. I also helped them set up usability testing to see how the new organization worked for their users.

After the organization phase I set up their WordPress theme (Karma) and created a child theme to put in all the customizations they wanted. Besides extensive CSS work for display, I put in a lot of custom code. For instance, I set up a template and a custom field so that they could set a background graphic and set the height to give the graphic so they could make pages like this:wsg-2

I also set up a template to aggregate the research project pages. I set up custom fields so each research project could have a custom excerpt and then used CSS to give it some styling.