Jet Blue Form Errors

Sometimes usability is about the little things. It really isn’t hard, just put yourself in the user’s shoes. So, I’m buying a ticket from jet blue and putting in all my info. I copied and pasted my phone number into the contact phone number field. When I submitted the form, I got this:jet-blue-phone-numberSo, it’s an invalid phone number (note, I replaced the real phone number with a fake one, but that’s how it was formatted). So, what exactly is wrong with it? No idea.

Because I’m a programmer, I had a guess. I typed it in without any dashes and that worked. Interestingly, if I typed into the field, it wouldn’t let me go past 10 characters, but when I pasted it in, it took all of them.

Easy to fix. Make the error message say something useful, like ‘No special characters allowed.’ Or even better, put that note by the field or an example by the field.

Little things like this are what make a great interface.