RIP Terry Pratchett

Not much to say here except he was my favorite author and I go to sleep every night listening to his audio books. His Discworld books are fantastic. Well, the first few are a little rough, but I’ve read all of them multiple times (except for Eric, for some reason could never get into that one).

Granny Weatherwax from the Witches books in Discworld is a fantastic character and Tiffany Aching is right up there as well. We’ll get one more Discworld book: The Shepherd’s Crown, which is a Tiffany book.

If you’ve never read Pratchett, I would suggest starting at Guards! Guards! remembering at all times that Pratchett is a satirist, not to be taken seriously. Also the first Tiffany book, Wee Free Men, is good if you like young adult fiction (it’s much more serious than most YA fiction but is written for a younger audience.

And for my geeky homage to Terry Pratchett, I’ve added a wordpress plugin that puts header set X-Clacks-Overhead “GNU Terry Pratchett” into the http header. That’s a reference to something from Going Postal that involved the Discworld’s internet, the Clacks.

You can read more about it on Reddit.