More on Permalinks

If you read my previous entry about a WordPress permalink problem, you may wonder why we have this whole permalink structure.

Well, it doesn’t just make things hard, it actually makes things much easier when you have to make changes (and believe me, if there’s one thing that stays the same in web design, it’s that you’ll have to change something).

For instance, suppose I need to change the name of a class from MM2213 IA to MM2223 IA (because I made a mistake, it does happen).

The url for my list of links for week one of the class might look something like this:

or maybe this:

Either way, if the number needs to be updated to mm2223 then any links I had on my site to that page would be broken. Except that WordPress generates those URLs every time it makes a link and it knows about the change as soon as its made.

If you do have hard-coded links, say in the body of a page, those will break. Which is why you should use shortcodes if possible to put your links into your content, so they will update when you update your categories or page or post titles.