TriDivas Web Site

The TriDivas are a triathlon training group for women. The group started in Southern California, but through use of the web site is expanding across the United States. Offerings on the web site include information on training workshops, online coaching, upcoming camps and clinics and how to purchase TriDivas logo race and active wear.

The site was designed to be expandable, so that it can immediately reflect any changes in the TriDivas programs and offerings. We also employ several different technologies in our offerings, including password protected online schedules for the workshops, online training logs from for the online coaching, paypal payment for the store items, and registration through for the workshops, camps, and clinics.

Graphic design by Lety Juarez.

I also completely re-skinned this site with new colors and graphics by changing only the CSS.

The current site is a new site that I didn’t work on.


TriDivas Lounge Web Site

To expand the site into a more interactive site, we added the Lounge. This area allowed quick updating by the owner of the site and a members only area for paid subscribers. There’s also an integrated calendar. All the new information automatically shows up on the home page, making it very easy to keep updated.

The site is powered by geeklog. The graphic design is from the basic geeklog layout that I changed to look more like the site.

This site is no longer online.