The Celiac Disease Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to increase awareness about the disease. The site is both informational and a way for users to find out what CDF has been doing with the money that is donated to them.

Most visitors are looking for information on Celiac Disease and the first button in the navigation leads to that information. The home page includes upcoming events and news items that are updated weekly. Past event and news information is archived on the site so that people searching for that information will find their way to Celiac.org.

New Joomla Site

Celiac Disease Foundation redesigned their site and created it on Joomla. I didn’t participate in the redesign and coding of the Joomla site, but I maintain it for them now. I also re-coded the AJAX shopping cart for donations, memberships and conference registration to use their Cybersource payment gateway.

I also added Mal’s E-Commerce shopping cart so they would have a shopping cart that persisted across the site.

Visit the site at www.celiac.org.

Old Static Site

Celiac Disease Foundation Web Site

I inherited the basic look of the static site, then updated it to make it easier to change and more search engine friendly.

Online Donations

Celiac Disease Foundation Online Donations Web Site

The online donations section of the celiac.org site lets visitors quickly donate to CDF. The pages are coded in php and they interact with Cybersource (working with Bank of America) on a secure server. The forms gather all the information required by CDF for their different kinds of donations like tribute donations and gift donations.

I also code the forms for the CDF Annual Conference each year to allow online registration.