Interface Fail – Mimi’s Customer Service Survey

We ate at Mimi’s today and had an enjoyable breakfast and some divine mochas. They have great espresso, just the right sweetness, piled high with whipped cream. Yum.

Afterwards, I decided to fill out the customer service survey for two free muffins. That’s a prize I can get behind (even though my pumpkin spice muffins today were not great, but usually they are fantastic).

I went to the website as instructed and this was the first screen:

mimi's survey screen

Doesn’t look too bad at first glance, but I tried three times to put the date into the first set of three boxes. I know that the arrow from the date goes to the second entry box, but I think I just glanced at the date, saw that it was first and assumed it would be first on the entry page.

Why wasn’t it first? I can’t think of a reason for it to be second.

Maybe if the arrow wasn’t so long and didn’t cross over the other line I could have followed it better to the actual entry box. But really, if the date comes first on the receipt, just make it the first entry on the web page.